It was never the case of good people doing nothing; rather if they are prepared to cross the line and kill.    After a chance meeting with two investigative journalists, Sam discovers that a man he hasn’t seen for over twenty years is again threatening to destroy his life and those he loves. Confronted with that realisation, he is led on a quest where he will be forced to take the long reach back and place his trust in someone who once betrayed him. But can he forgive that betrayal for the sake of a young child held by captors for whom violence holds no boundaries?    And when Penny finds herself face to face with a date in history when the world was at war – a date that has become Sam’s moral compass – little does she know that for one man, knowledge that that moral compass is Sam’s Achilles heel, will bring the two men together for one final showdown. The question is: who will walk away the victor and who will not?